Blue-and-white Mei Ping with design of the scenes from historical story
  Amber Cup in the shape of a lotus leaf pulled by a swimming fisherman
  Cranium fossil of homo erectus , Nanjing Ⅰ
  Glass engraved petal and elliptical patterns
  Pair of crown ornaments with phoenix on cloud, buried 1517
  The elephant segment of an arched gate, approx.1412-1431
  Belt ornaments of fourteen dragon plaques, buried 1371
  Celadon Zun with lotus pattern
  Eagle on the tree, by Lin Liang (1428-1493)
  Gilded Incense Burner in the shape of Lotus Flower and Seeds
  Ashoka’s Pagoda inlaid with the seven-treasures
  Album of landscapes
  Gold Box inlaid with Gems
  Pottery human face sculpture
  Pottery set of figures from a guard of honor